Coming in January 2014!
Unity Spiritual Center • San Francisco [Map]
$10-$20 Suggested Donation

Most people begin a yoga practice to soothe an aching body or to calm a stressed out mind.  Very quickly, however, many discover that yoga is much more than simply stretching and breathing – Yoga is about how we live, the choices we make, and how we to see the world and how we relate to one another.

In this series of discussions with Darren Main we will explore the living practice of yoga.  By drawing on the wisdom and texts of ancient India, we will reflect on  ways in which a modern yogi can live more mindfully in every aspect of life.

Each session begins with a musical meditation such as chanting, singing bowls and other tribal instruments followed by a talk given by yoga teacher and author Darren Main.

While the topics vary, the principles are timeless and presented with gentle humor and a modern twist more user-friendly for yogis living busy urban lives.